Businessman + Educator + Husband + Father

John Croisant is a candidate, running to be the next district 67 representative in the Oklahoma legislature. Although John has not held public office before, his experience as a small business owner and full-time public school educator makes him uniquely qualified to help address the challenges facing our economy and public school system.

Born and raised in Tulsa, John attended Jenks Public Schools (K thru 12) and later received his degree in political science from Tulsa University. After completing his pre-law certificate and secondary education requirements, John decided to focus his career on education.

With more than a decade in the classroom, John has seen first hand the effects of under-funded schools on both the students and community. After completing his Teacher Certification, John moved to Louisiana and began his career in one of the most impoverished public schools in the New Orleans area. Knowing that now Oklahoma’s current budget cuts are placing us on par with public school spending in Mississippi and Louisiana, John has chosen to stand up for our kids' future.

Getting married and starting a family brought John home to Tulsa. In 2007, John and his wife opened a small business in Utica Square, which has been nominated several times for excellence by national publications. Understanding business and balancing a budget are important, but it is critical to remember that there is a difference between making "tough cuts" and being "penny wise and pound foolish". Some budget cuts, cut deeper than others.

Education is the foundation which we build our community on.  It is time for strong leadership that is going to put education first today, to insure the success of Oklahoma tomorrow. Our State’s next generation of job-creators are in school right now, so let’s make sure they have the tools and opportunities to succeed.