Teacher + Coach + Parent + Businessman

John Croisant is a candidate, running to be the next school board member for Tulsa Schools District 5. Although John has not held public office before, his experience as a full-time public school educator, coach, parent and small business owner, makes him uniquely qualified to help address the challenges facing Tulsa Public Schools.

Born and raised in Tulsa, John attended Jenks Public Schools (K thru 12) and later received his degree in political science from Tulsa University. After completing his pre-law certificate and secondary education requirements, John decided to focus his career on education.

With more than a decade in the classroom, John has seen first hand the effects of under-funded schools on both the students and community. After completing his Teacher Certification, John moved to Louisiana and began his career in public schools in New Orleans metro area. John and Deborah returned to Tulsa after Hurricane Katrina and John became a coach and teacher at Edison Preparatory. He taught 6th grade Geography and was the head girls soccer coach for 12 years, before retiring in 2018 to open his own insurance agency. However, with the help of Allstate and UpliftEd John has remained involved with TPS with several grants to help students and teachers across the district. He is also a member of the Tulsa Rotary Club and the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

Education is the foundation which we build our community on.  It is time for strong leadership that is going to put education first today, to insure the success of Tulsa tomorrow. Tulsa’s next generation of leaders and citizens are in Tulsa Public Schools right now, so let’s make sure they have the tools and opportunities to succeed.